Anthropic Principle:

The Anthropic Principle: explains the existence of cosmological facts by noting that only certain conditions could have evolved life in the universe: It is doubtedlessly correct that the universe in which we live is the kind of universe whose laws allow, at least in certain of its neighborhoods, for the emergence of creatures like us. 

Any living beings who evolve to the point where they can measure the constants of nature will always find that these constants have values that allow life to exist. The constants may have other values in other parts of the universe, but there is no one there to measure them. 

If the universe evolved to the point that one of its products feels compelled to ask questions about the regularities that enabled its own creation, then human beings are part of the universe's self-referential feedback system According to the anthropic principle, this is a universe structured so we can understand it. Otherwise we wouldn't be here. Our responsibility to the universe is to be an instrument of its introspection and evolution.