"Science is any attempt to bring facts into logical order". B. Bavink (see explain / describe )

"Science is concerned with the formal correlation of properties, and with the development of theoretical constructs that most parsimoniously and usefully describe all known aspects of that correlation, without exception." (Edelman, p.138)

"Science consists in discovering that point of view under which what did occur is what we have good grounds to expect might have occurred" (Kauffman, p. 643) 

Kuhn: "Observation and experience can and must drastically restrict the range of of admissable scientific belief, else there would be no science. But they alone cannot determine a particular body of such belief. An apparently arbitrary element, compounded of personal and historical accident, is always a formative ingredient of the beliefs espoused by a given scientific community at a given time." (Structure of Scientific Revolutions, p. 4.)