Visualize whirled peas 

In The Philosophy of Space and Time, Hans Reichenbach develops the concept of visualization in relation to Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries. Many of his arguments are a critiqe of Kant based on scientific progress since the time of Kant, especially the theory of relativity. (see scientific space )

Reichenbach translates the German Anschauung as visualization rather than intuition as is generally the case in English translations of Kant. Thus the Kantian reine Anschauung becomes pure visualization rather than pure intuition. (see symbolic form) Reichanbach's discussion of visualization explores two moments: the moment of imagining and the normative moment. 

What is relation between vistualization and 

Contemporary techniques of visualization take advantage of computers' capacities to manage numbers and information combined with the human visual system's capacity to identify patterns (cf gestalt ) 

To visualize is to perceive structures and relationships. Phase Space, and fitness landscapes, for example, are means of visualizing the behavior of systems.